Seat pack

We make seat packs from the smallest 3-liters to the huge 18-liters. We know how important to keep things dry during travel, so our seat packs are 100% waterproof. We like when the bags sit tightly under the saddle and don't wobbling, so we pay special attention to the fastening system.

We offer two types of seat pack

   1. Self-mounted seat pack


Consist of compression sack with all straps for attaching to the saddle and seat post


Available in 4 sizes 


             ·         3-5 liters


             ·         4-8 liters


             ·         7-13 liters 


             ·         10-18 liters


2. Seat pack with holster


More practical in use then usual seat pack.  You no need to disconnect all straps from the saddle and seatpost every time. It is enough to open the buckles and just remove the compression sack. 


   3. Seat pack with mini rack


This modular seat system consist of two elements

- Steel mini rack by TU bicycle  with all strap for attaching to the saddle and seat post and adapters for 25.4, 27.2 31.8 mm seat posts

- Waterproof compression sack


The mini rack allows you to pack more goods. Seat system will not wobbling even if compression sack are badly packed . On the mini rack we add a fastener for extra loads. And two rubber slings on the compression sack


Available in 2 sizes  

      ·         7-13 liters 


      ·         10-18 liters