Food in the trip

In our trip we used dehydration meat and vegetables.

Advantage of dehydration products:
- It is lightweight and takes up little space;
- Dried food has long shelf life;
- No need to think where and when to buy it;
- No need to wash and cut when you preparing food. You have made it at home
- You can eat it even in dry state (very tasty);
- Cooking takes much less time.

About food preparation
For cooking, in a separate bowl, add meat with boiling water, allowed to infuse and swell. When we were lazy, we poured cold water (as a result, the meat was firmer, but still tasty). In another pot, we fried vegetables to brown color add porridge and water. Brought to a boil and only then added meat. At last we added spices to taste, and dried carrots. Cooked until porridge had reached desired tenderness.

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